Donuts from A to Z

Dough preparation and processing, proofing, deep frying, and finishing: WP Kemper provides the full engineering expertise and turnkey solutions for the industrial donut and Berliner production under the label WP donut.

The special feature of each WP Donut or Berliner system is the “Kemper Dough Ball System”. It guarantees high weight accuracy and little scrap dough in production. This is made possible by one key component: the patented donut stamp.

However, donut systems from WP Kemper boast even more positive characteristics: they are immediately available and process-safe, simply because they function reliably. Their profitability is exemplary as well. The systems leave almost no scrap dough in production, are extremely accurate in weight, and energy-efficient. This is not only economical, but also results in end products of consistently high quality.

The production systems developed and installed by WP Kemper are turnkey solutions, that is to say, full process solutions from dough production to the finished product. This includes delivery, installation and commissioning of the entire system, just as well as the required servicing. In other words: Everything from A to Z for donut production. This is why customers of WP Kemper need only one contact when it comes to fat baked pastry: WP Kemper.

As the market leader for the industrial donut production, WP Donut combines the latest technological know-how and experience of many years. The acquisition and enhancement of Reimelt fat baking technology has contributed significantly to the high level of expertise.

Would you like to find out more about WP Donut? Contact us by telephone at +49 5244 402-0 or e-mail.