Day of German Bread

The German Bread Register lists round and about 3,200 bread specialties. This impressive figure reflects the worldwide unique diversity of German bread culture, and the outstanding performance of the bakers. The WP BAKERYGROUP has been supporting the baking industry with machines for every process step for over 140 years.

There are many reasons for the diversity of bread types in Germany. The creativity of the bakers, their excellent training and the knowledge of raw materials and baking processes passed down through generations count among the most important ones. On top of this, there are regionally different soils with various types of grain. Traditional types such as einkorn wheat, emmer and spelt have become increasingly popular with consumers of late.

The WP BAKERYGROUP turns the latest trends into technical developments, so that bakers can react efficiently and with the highest quality to changing customer requirements. An example of this is the Kemper Artisan concept for the mechanical production of Mediterranean breads in artisan quality. Soft, pre-proofed dough, which yields a natural aroma, a coarse-pored crumb structure and long-lasting freshness, can often not be produced on classic bread baking systems. WP relies on the dough strip principle, and designed the PANE dough strip system that produces small breads and soft wheat dough breads particularly gentle.

Best baking quality and high level of efficiency: Another example of this successful combination is the legendary WP MATADOR deck oven, which revolutionized work in the bakehouse back in the 1950s. To this very day, it is THE bread baking oven for many bakers around the world. Its latest generation is equipped with an oven control with video capability. Training films that are included as standard, explain minor maintenance tasks or oven cleaning, for example, in an easily understandable way. Moreover, bakers can store their own training films for each baking program. This makes operation of the oven particularly easy and helps to bake continuously consistent quality.