15.01.2016WP Riehle

Confectioner's tip: Perfect quark balls

Fat baked pastry is especially popular in the cold season. But more and more customers are concerned about their health even when it comes to eating tidbits. Master confectioner Heiner Münster therefore banks on non-hydrogenated palm oil and the special production method of the DLA continuous deep fryer when it comes to fat baked pastry.

The testing of new developments and production of new baked items as new samples for customer presentations count among the tasks of Heiner Münster at Jung Zeelandia, a leading manufacturer of baking agents and baking ingredients. He has put his trust in the DLA continuous deep fryer for fat baked pastries for more than seven years already.

The pastry chef concludes: “With the DLA we achieve a very appetizing appearance and brownness of always consistently high quality for our quark balls and all that at a frying time reduced by 40 %.”

The special submerged frying method produces fully closed pastry in the DLA continuous deep fryer that hardly absorbs any fat. And another advantage: The moisture can not escape through the closed pores so that the quark balls stay fresh longer.

Heiner Münster uses non-hydrogenated palm oil for frying. “With palm oil we avoid the risk of allergens such as in peanut fat, and it creates considerably less trans-fatty acids which are unhealthy for the human body than hydrogenated fat”, he explains. This is an important criterion, especially for producing large-scale enterprises supplying the food retail sector.