Award-winning organization at WP Haton

WP Haton is a prime example of reorganization. The company was honored for this achievement by the online magazine at the Nieuw Organiseren Festival in Amersfoort (Netherlands).

Flexible working hours, employee participation and need-based processes: in many production operations this is not a matter of course, but at WP Haton it is part of the corporate culture. The competence center for bread baking systems has reorganized its operational principles of traditional production and changed the entire line up.

“All nominees have done much to renew their organization. All the different operational forms are admirable and inspiring. The difficulty of making a change within the production sector was the decisive factor for declaring WP Haton the winner of the Finext Nieuw Organiserenprijs 2016”, reasoned the jury.
The prize was awarded for the third time this year. A total of seven organizations were nominated.