Artisan bakeries require top-quality tools and equipment

Bread is Bernd Armbrust's passion. Very successfully, he presents new and unique creations in his TV baking show “Bernd and Bread” and also in his own bakery Blankenhaus in Bochum. His more than 50 year old WP MATADOR was replaced by a new model during renovation works in the bakehouse and the shop. Bernd Armbrust is enthusiastic about the technology and service of WP.

Roasted wasabi peas with seafood or Japanese seaweed with olive salt – Bernd Armbrust shows no fear of contact when it comes to unusual baking ingredients. And he is extremely successful with it. He has demonstrated to his audience on WDR television for over eight years now, how to make creative bread recipes work in the oven at home. And in his bakery he always has a minimum of 30 different types of bread on offer, apart from a comprehensive range of cakes, snacks and breakfast. “We are not in a prime but rather in a mediocre location. Our customers go the extra mile to find us because they are looking for something extraordinary. We surprise them with ingredient combinations you usually don't get to taste too often”, explains Bernd Armbrust the secret of his success.

In the country where bread is world cultural heritage, Bernd Armbrust feels committed to the tradition and understands it as his fundamental economic pillar. “To be able to distinguish themselves from the industry with its convenience and fast-baking products, artisan bakeries require top-quality tools and equipment. This means, first and foremost, a good oven such as the WP MATADOR with excellent vapor injection and optimal heat distribution to bake really good bread”, states Bernd Armbrust.

In his newly designed shop, the baker often works at a large presentation table right in front of this customers. The WP MATADOR STORE with its large glass front is also of great importance, says Armbrust: “The oven in the shop's front section complements our idea of freshness and transparency. And the baked goods produced in it are simply sensationally good.”

A WP MATADOR is also used in the production area. Its location in the confined space of the basement meant a real challenge for disassembly of the old and introduction of the new oven. “I was really excited to see how the WP logistics department managed coordination with other trades and many other works not immediately related to the sale of an oven. In the end, I got first-class products at a fair price in the shortest possible time and can nothing but salute the service provided by WP”, summarises a content Bernd Armbrust.